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It was to be held during this June in Brussels with the theme and title

"Sustainable personal and professional development."

The health crisis, which triggered a global economic and social crisis, has shown the urgent need for widespread solidarity from the family circle to the world level, but also the need for an increased sense of responsibility in everyone.

The anti-racist movement these days is global. Just like last year’s youth movement to save the planet. "Collective consciousness" is growing, as if all humans on Earth are or are the neurons of the same brain.

So, to be able to play their role to the best, everyone needs to have or acquire essential knowledge, whatever their age, their situation, their place of residence.

Inequalities are less and less accepted. Human groups will be less and less manipulable because the level of discernment will increase, must increase. It is necessary that everyone can, to begin, have access to the basic materials of language, literacy, knowing how to count, digital, taking care of themselves and others; play an active and positive role in society, express yourself, defend your ideas but also listen ...

So, is the search for personal fulfillment a priority need?

If I had to decide today on a title for this Forum, I would suggest:

"LLL for all: an imperative necessity".

But the debate is open. We are opening this discussion forum so that everyone, member of CMAtlv or not, can contribute to collective reflection.

Go to our site: under the heading “current events”, see what had been planned, in particular the workshops, and make proposals so that this VIth World Forum for LLL counts in the public debate. The Steering Committee will take this into account.

The Proposals will concern the title, the themes to be treated, and even the formula. Thank you in advance !

Alexandre GINOYER

Président du CMAtlv

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