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DECLARATION by CMAtlv to the UNESCO International Commission "The Futures of Education"

The CMAtlv, NGO official partner of UNESCO and member of the Liaison Committee of UNESCO NGOs, after having analyzed with its partners the effects of the COVID crisis to date, affirms that everyone in the world, regardless of their age, living conditions, gender, where they live, must be able to have access to the learning necessary for their integration into human society, their development, their fulfilment, and therefore that all states and decision-makers must consider this right as a priority, and give all possible means to achieve it.

It is noted that :

1.This learning relates as much to basic knowledge such as reading, writing, counting, using digital tools, etc. as it does to “soft” knowledge such as learning to learn, to live in society, to think for oneself, to take care of oneself, others and the planet.

2. It is from an early age that this learning must be inculcated, in an education system which concerns, involves and transforms teachers as well as parents and the whole of society.

3. Teachers must be trained and supported so as to be able to make the best use of technological tools, design new hybrid pedagogical engineering and establish different relationships with learners as well as with adults (parents, colleagues, etc.).

Regarding the "9 ideas for public action", the CMAtlv insists on the following proposals, suggesting some clarifications (in bold):

1. Commit to strengthening education as a common good.

2. Broaden the definition of the right to education to take into account the importance of connectivity and access to knowledge and information.

3. Promote the teaching profession, help it transform, promote collaboration between teachers.

4. Promote the participation and rights of students, youth and children and ensure that equality for girls and boys becomes a reality.

7. Include science literacy in the curricula of teachers as well as students.

8. Protect national and international funding for public education.

9. Promote global solidarity to end current levels of inequality ... a re-energized global solidarity focused on empathy and appreciation for our common humanity.

The CMAtlv salutes the work of the International Commission and remains at its disposal.

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